Want to move from GOOD to BETTER or even to GREAT?

There are many ways for companies to excel and grow. But all strategies are built upon the same foundation... having the right people doing the right things.

That's where we help. We assist in finding, keeping and growing the right people. We also help focus their talent and energy on doing the right things to make your company thrive.

Dovetail Partners is an independent management consulting practice that is based in Calgary. We strive for two simple goals: work with clients we enjoy and help them prosper.

We partner with senior decision-makers and serve entrepreneurially minded companies, professional services firms and independent business units.

Our expertise in human resources is supported by solid underpinnings in strategy, business planning, process improvement, general management, marketing and operations.

I hope that your visit to our website is helpful and encourages further interest. I would gladly welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you. Please click here for my contact information.

Merv Manthey, CMC